Premium quality

In the year 2012, the Joy4me Frozen Joghurt specialities have been awarded the Golden Seal by the DLG – an award of which we are very proud. The DLG praised both the excellent taste and appearance of our products. Our products' low fat content and our high hygiene standard were the key to the DLG award.

The qualitative & technological linchpin of the Frozen Joghurt concept has been the "LUNA freezer": our professional ice cream and yoghurt machine that is based on a unique patented principle. This freezer has been manufactured and constantly further developed – for now more than 50 years – directly in our headquarters in Kulmbach.

What makes LUNA freezers special is that they do not just cool, but also heat the yoghurt mixture to 75 degrees. This pasteurisation process eliminates bacteria and ensures that the end product is always perfectly hygienic.