About the company

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LUMEN GmbH was founded in 1962 as the subsidiary of the IREKS group (established 1856) – as the specialist for ice cream technology, as well as soft ice cream and milkshake products.

There are now four successful quality brands in the LUMEN family:

- Romeo & Giulia, the premium soft ice cream brand

- LunaMil, the soft ice cream brand for the whole family

- LUNA, the specialist for soft ice cream, milkshake and frozen yoghurt machines

- Joy4me, Frozen Joghurts, for "slim liners" watching their waistlines


With its international sales network, LUMEN GmbH enjoys an excellent market position. In addition to its three subsidiaries in Holland, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, LUMEN GmbH’s services and products are now being sold in the following countries:
Switzerland, Slovakia, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Malaysia, Austria, Singapore, Hungary, Greece and Romania.

“Our one ambition and aim has always been to simply provide our system partners and customers with outstanding products. Our achievement of these aims is based on our use of only the highest quality standards and our staff’s commitment."

Uwe Täuber, Managing Director of LUMEN GmbH, Kulmbach